We know that patients have many options when selecting a Spinal Surgeon, and we are truly grateful to every patient who chooses Elite Spine Health & Wellness for their spine and wellness needs. We are committed to providing each patient with high-quality, compassionate care and ensuring that they are informed and engaged in their healthcare journey.

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Kylene’s Story

Patient testimonials like these are our “why”.
Thank you all for trusting our staff.

Dr. Asghar just performed a spinal fusion on me from L3-S1. I have a congenital deformity with scoliosis. No other doctor would touch me given the complexity of my back. Not only did Dr. Asghar agree to the surgery but from what I can tell (I am only 3 weeks post op) he fixed me. I’ve been living with chronic back and hip pain for 3 years. I am an active 43 year old who was running half marathons prior to the deformity finally catching up to me. Not only was the pain hindering me from running but also from just performing daily activities. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Asghar and his team. Dr. Asghar is one of the most caring, patient, thorough, brillant doctors that I’ve ever met. He never rushes you and will spend as much time as you need explaining what is going on with your issues and how he plans to help you. And then you have his PA’s. WOW!!!!!!!!! I was blessed to have both, Priscila, and Alexa on my case. However, Alexa is the one who was at my first appointment, so has been the one to hold my hand through this entire journey. Alexa is one of the most patient, kind, knowledgeable, amazing gals I’ve ever met!!!! She is my life line!!!! She personally texts me everyday to check in on me, answers my questions (even if it’s the same question 1000 times) is extremely fast and efficient In getting scripts written, and follows through to make sure I receive the prescriptions. Anything I need at all she will get for me. She is always available and responds to me within minutes. I honestly don’t know how she does it! I am so very thankful that she was put in my life and I know that we will remain friends forever! If you have the privilege to be seen by this team you are blessed beyond measure. I honestly could go on and on. I’m not getting paid to write this. I promise. You just can’t explain the gratitude one feels when they are no longer in pain and feel cared for by those people who helped get you there. It’s worth more than a thousand words.

Janet S.

Being referred to Dr. Asghar for back surgery, after literally trying a multitude of alternatives, has turned out to be one of the biggest blessings in my life. I have suffered with back pain for over twenty years, but beginning in October 2019 I began having crippling sciatic pain in my left leg. The pain was so intense that it made it difficult to walk, sit, and sleep; it basically took the joy out of my life. During my first appointment with Dr. Asghar I knew immediately that he was the right choice. He recommended a laminectomy and thoroughly explained each and every step that would be involved. His entire team, including his PA's Priscilla and Alexa, has been amazing. They are all readily available to answer my questions and keep track of my progress weekly. I am three weeks out from surgery and feel fantastic, most importantly, my pain is gone and I am on my way to enjoying life again!!

At age 79 I developed a condition called Flat Back. this condition causes your spine to bend forward from the waist, making it almost impossible to walk..I visited other top surgeons, who with all their skills, refused to attempt Flat Back surgery on me. Finally, through another surgeon's recommendation, I was directed to Dr. Asghar.After a 10 hour surgery of realigning my spine and installing rods and screws from my neck to my tailbone, I am perfectly straight again. Two days later I was up and walking with amazingly little pain. I liken Dr. Asghar’s skills to a miracle and without him I would be an invalid in a wheelchair. I am so thankful for finding this outstanding surgeon and very special human being. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Asghar for giving me back my life.

My daughter saw Dr. Asghar for the first time in February. She was diagnosed with Chiari malformation and scoliosis. She has been on quite the journey with this diagnosis. Through it all Dr. Asghar and his team have been amazing. Always there for us. Taking his time with any questions we've had. Today she is doing better than ever! Her spine has improved dramatically! We could not be any happier with the results. I highly recommend him! He is the best of the best!

So grateful for Dr. Asghar and his team's knowledge, expertise, and care for our daughter. Grace, our 15-year-old daughter, is 12 weeks post Spinal Fusion surgery. She also was in traction for 4 weeks with a 30-day hospital stay. As you can imagine, we were very apprehensive going into these surgeries. Dr. Asghar always took as much time as was needed during pre-op consultations to answer any and every question we had. He gave us options and explained each one in great detail. He put our mind at ease and was confident that our daughter would experience a good and safe outcome under his care. After the initial traction surgery, he or someone from his team checked in on Grace every day while in the hospital and continued to answer our questions and reassure us that she was doing well while in traction. After the 2nd surgery (Spinal Fusion), he and his team were attentive to her every need and personally oversaw each stage of her recovery. They were quick to answer emails and phone calls with recovery questions that we had. We always felt supported and cared for during the entire process. After 12 weeks, Grace is doing great, looks great, feels great and can do anything! (She even grew 5 inches in the process!) We are so grateful for Dr. Asghar and his amazing team! We can't imagine going through all of this without them and feel so blessed to have such an excellent surgeon caring for our daughter. We can't recommend them highly enough!!! Thank you Dr. Asghar, Priscilla, Michelle and the whole team! You have blessed our family tremendously and we will be forever grateful!

David K.

Cervical Stenosis caused my early retirement from Dentistry. The discomfort kept worsening year after year. Fortunately I heard about Dr Asghar from an Orthopedist friend. I can only say wonderful things about him and his team The surgery went well and the outcome has been wonderful. The confidence and compassion shown was remarkable. And I am slightly taller now too.